[Dragon] Monastery of New Thought Tanukifest2017

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[Dragon] Monastery of New Thought Tanukifest2017

Postby chopa » Wed May 03, 2017 10:30 am

I "won" with this, and did go 5-0 during the swiss.

Monastery of New Thought


Holdings (20)
Akodo's Grave
Bamboo Harvesters Exp
Family Keep
Famous bazaar
Forgotten Legacy
Gold Mine
Harmonious Temple
Jade Pearl Inn
Kitsune Den
Large Farm
Luxurious Silk
Oracle of the Void Exp
Productive Mine
Seat of Power
Supply Smugglers
Tattoos & Trinkets
The Seekers' Temple
Temple of Harmony
Temple of the Seekers
Traveling Peddler

Peeps (23)
Mirumoto Shikei
Tamori Ochimo
Tamori Shaiko
Tamori Wotan Exp
Togashi Chunoken
Togashi Hiroto
Togashi Hogai Exp
Togashi Kazuki Exp
Togashi Korimi
Togashi Korimi Exp
Togashi Korimi Exp2
Togashi Kyoshi
Togashi Mitsu inExp
Togashi Nakahara
Togashi Noboru, the Shattered Star Exp
Togashi Noboru Exp2
Togashi Osawa Exp
Togashi Sakata
Togashi Satsu Exp4
Togashi Satsu Exp5
Togashi Shiori Exp
Togashi Tsuri Exp

Other Dynasty (7)
A New Wall
Imperial Gift
In Time of War
Wisdom Gained
Natural Aviary
Ryoshun's Guidance
Togashi's Guidance Exp

False Ring of Fire
Ring of Air
Ring of Earth
Ring of Water
Ring of the Void
Cavalry Escort
Frontier Farmer
Reconnaissance Scouts
Celestial Sword of the Dragon Exp
Hand of the Obsidian Dragon
Heart of Fudo Exp2
The Blade of the Balash
The Egg of P'an Ku Exp
Balance in Water
Buoyed by the Kami
Deadly Discipline
Dove Tattoo
Engulfing Flames
Hand of Osano-Wo
One with the Flame
Nerve Strike
Spinning Heel Kick
Strength in the Earth
Strike of the Dragon
The Weakness of Man
The World Disappears
Kami Unleashed
Panther Tattoo
Snake Tattoo
A Game of Dice
A Yojimbo's Duty
Broken Alliance
Closing the Gap
Creating Order
Game of Sincerity
Elemental Adroitness
Entrenched Position
Hired Killer
Holding Cells
Imperial Command
Sneak Attack
The Crystal Tears
Unsettling Gathering
Victory Through Deference

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