Sun and Moon tournament [Tomorrow's Prophet]

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Sun and Moon tournament [Tomorrow's Prophet]

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The abomination called Tomorrow was a mystery to all but the most knowledgeable scholars. It was defeated by the Nezumis decades ago, but not destroyed. It was merely imprisonned, waiting for the right opportunity.

The catastrophe finally happened shortly after the coronation of Iweko II, and Tomorrow unleashed its wrath upon Rokugan. Unfortunatly, the beast experiences times differently than mortals. It moves from the far future to the distant past, and no known weapons seems to be able to stop it.

Deep within the Realm of Dreams, the city of Togen-Sha Toshi, the City of Prophets awakens from a deep slumber. It calls for heroes across time as well, hoping to stop Tomorrow before all of reality is unmade. But even if the heroes of Togen-Sha Toshi manages to stop the monster, it will have done unrepairable damage to the timeline, erasing large parts of history as we know it. Those called by the city of Prophets from these erased periods, however, will still remember their own potential future, and change how history unfolded itself.

Who will survive and how they will change history depends on the fans. And since Yogen-Sha Toshi exists within the Realm of Dreams, it can have a surprising reach.

The winner will be able to choose one personality from one of the alternate settings (Thousand Years of Darkness, Heroes of Rokugan, Togashi's Empire or any other settings found in Imperial Histories 1 or 2). The runner-up may choose one icon (school, item, holding, etc.) from an alternate setting. It can be something never mentionned in official sources, but makes internal sense, as above.

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