6th Ring UnTap Modern Tournament

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6th Ring UnTap Modern Tournament

Postby Sparks » Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:45 am

29 players signed up for the first Modern tournament!

Clan Breakdown:
Crab - 4
Crane - 2
Dragon - 4
Lion - 1
Mantis - 3
Phoenix - 2
Scorpion - 2
Spider - 3
Unicorn - 2
Unaligned - 6

6 players came out of Swiss with the required points to advance to the elims.

Chris Justice (Unaligned) and Greg Wong (Dragon) had byes for the play in round.
The play in round was:
Brad Penstone (Unicorn) VS Stephen Vann (Unicorn)
Josh Kolb (Crab) VS Dimitris Melissinos (Lion)

Stephen Vann and Josh Kolb won their matches to advance.

Top 4 was:
Chris Justice (Unaligned) VS Stephen Vann (Unicorn)
Greg Wong (Dragon) VS Josh Kolb (Crab)

Stephen and Josh won their matches and advanced to the finals.

Stephen Vann wins the first 6th Ring Modern Tournament 2-0!
He also posted his deck in the decks section of the boards. Go take a look!
Congrats, man!
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