The Owl Clan and the Will of the People

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The Owl Clan and the Will of the People

Postby OtomoMuneshige » Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:13 pm

This is my first time making a modern deck and this will likely be pretty bad given that I am building it on a story theme rather than a quirky powerful combo. But, if anyone has any suggestions on how to make this better by swapping out cards (or if literally every deck has to run meta that I don't have), I am open to hearing it! I just don't want to wreck my theme, so all personalities must be Hantei, Otomo, Seppun, Miya, Kasugi, Yotsu or ashigaru or ronin.

Also, I think I heavily fail in lack of ways of producing honor and my military can never become strong enough to make a dent or even save my provinces. I think the only thing I got down pretty well is monopolizing the imperial favor. I am pretty sure I have even screwed up my entire gold economy and I might ironically be using the wrong stronghold (seriously, not being able to buy personalities with the stronghold is an insane drawback, maybe Lost Traveler's Castle would actually be the better stronghold).

Stronghold: Journey's End Keep Exp

Seppun Ritisharu
Seppun Horai
Otomo Terumoto
Otomo Demiyah
Seppun Tanizaki
Seppun Baru
Otomo Seimi
Seppun Tashan
Miya Shoin
Imperial Cartographer
Otomo Ouga
Seppun Ryota
Seppun Goharu
Seppun Omihiru
Miya Anzai
Miya Masatsuko
Seppun Tashime
Seppun Washi
Seppun Ujifua
Seppun Jiramu
Seppun Tashime exp
Otomo Suikihime

Small Farm
Large Farm
Well-Tended Farm
Shigekawa's Court
Barley Farm
Rice Paddy
Estate Halls
Ashigaru Fort
Farmer's Market
Well-Defended Farm
Vast Paddy Fields
Terraced Farm
Small Estate
Fertile Plains
The Ivory Courtroom
Simple Men
Remote Village
Seaside Bazar
Bountiful Fields
Isolated Farmland
Colonial Farm
Simple Merchants

Ceremony of Planting
The Balance Shifts
Festival of Coronation

Plains of Otosan Uchi
Imperial Outpost

Hantei's Guidance

Ashigaru Guards
Imperial Magistrates
Ashigaru Archers
Ashigaru Spearmen
Imperial Couriers
Courageous Ashigaru
Seppun Heavy Elite
Imperial Legionaries
Ashigaru Conscripts
Seppun Detachment
Seppun Heavy Infantry
Thunderous Legion
imperial City Guards
Seppun Miharu

Dazzling Attire
Chrysanthemum Blossom
Imperial Sword
Mempo of the Amethyst Champion
Armor of the Uruwashii
Armor of the Heavens
Seppun Blade
Write of the Herald
Seppun's Blessed Blade

Ring of the Void

Watching the Battle
To Move the Shade
The Light of Justice
The Host's Advantage
Swift Punishment
My Lord's Favor
Insulting Gesture
Imperial Summons
Imperial Intercession
Impeccable Nobility
Honor is Power
Gift of the Lady
Fruitless Search
Distractions in Court
Death at the Mikado
Arrival of the Ivory Champion
Arrival of the Emerald Champion
An Imperial Marriage
Accidental Confession
A Threat Enacted
A Preist's Courtesy
A Generous Offer
Otomo Lineage
Exotic Farmlands

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