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[Phoenix] CoT Military

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:38 pm
by WTGeoff
City of Tears

Large Farm
Family Keep
Silver Mine
Ageless Shrine
Shrine to Fukurokujin
Temples of Gisei Toshi
War Encampment
Expendable Resources
Temple of Tengen
Secluded Waystation
Wooden Barricade
Traveling Peddler
Famous Bazaar
Jade Pearl Inn
Forgotten Legacy
Bountiful Fields
Productive Mine
Coastal Lane
Shinsei's Last Hope
Recruitment Officer
Staging Grounds
Jungle Stockade
Prosperous Village
School of Wizardry

Charter of the Legion of 2000
Glory of the Shogun
Imperial Gift
Jurojin's Blessing
Shiba's Guidance

Tsukimi Exp 4
Morihiko Exp
Mizuhiko Exp
Bairei Exp 3
Uzuyumi Exp
Ikako Exp
The Dark Naga
Naka Mahatsu
Takada Exp 2 CW
Tonbo Jairyu
Ningen Exp 3
Kunij Exp

A Dragon's Favor
Divide Into Ash
Essence of Destruction
The Dragon's Talon
Might of the Sun
Consumption by Fire
Interrupt the Void's Flow
In Aikune's Name
Unnatural Flood
Touch of the Flames
Channeling the Fallen
Scouring Flood
Might of the Kami
Strength of the Tsunami
Breath of the Dragon
Touch of the Infinite
Pearl of Rage
Thunderous Report
Consumed by Five Fires

The Sacred Rosary of the Constrictors

Ring of Water
Ring of Earth
Ring of the Void

Hidden Defenses
A Yojimbo's Duty
Creating Order
Way of the Phoenix
The Thriving Light
Improper Papers
Sudden Movement
Hired Killer
Doomed Intentions
Broken Cipher
Skipping the Puddle
Sneak Attack
Brazen Disregard
Unpredictable Strategy
Broken Alliance
Victory Through Deference
Justly Earned Victory
Superior Mobility
Final Duty
Unholy Strike
Planted Evidence
Discovering the Anvil of Earth

I need to add a Supply Smugglers in because I forgot about a second legacy holding.

Re: [Phoenix] CoT Military

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 5:47 pm
by Sparks
I've found in most times, having 2 legacy holdings is a must... unless you know you are going 2nd a lot... then there should be 3! lol