Phoenixville Temples of Purity

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Phoenixville Temples of Purity

Postby coach_mcgirk » Fri May 06, 2016 8:07 am

This is what I had intended to bring to Phoenixville and this is, mostly, what I ended up playing. I went 2 - 2 but one of those losses was completely my fault (it's not a great idea to start getting the cardboard around for your deck at 2 a.m. the night before). It's a very stable build and will honor out in 5 turns unless it runs up against multiple honor meta events. This is the first and only modern deck I've ever built so I'm sure a few card choices could be tweaked.

Legality: Modern
Temple of Purity
Izuna Sensei

Ebisu's Honesty
Jurojin's Blessing

Counting House
Forgotten Legacy
Governor's Court
Jade Pearl Inn
Kitsune Den
My Father's Shrine
Mystic Dojo
Secluded Waystation
Shrine to Fukurokujin
Shrine to Hotei
Silver Mine
Spirit's Essence Dojo
Suikihime's Chambers
Supply Smugglers
Temple of Destiny
Temple of Hotei
Temple to Shinsei
Well-Tended Farm

Agasha Asai
Agasha Kodo
Asako Ayako
Asako Hiribe
Asako Izuna - exp
Asako Jirou
Asako Kaitoko
Asako Kanta
Asako Kijo
Asako Megu
Asako Misako
Asako Moeru
Daigotsu Oki
Isawa Genma
Isawa Miniko
Isawa Mitsuko - exp
Isawa Sakonoko
Otomo Seimi
Otomo Terumoto

Changing the Game
Favor of the Jade Champion
Festival of Cherry Blossoms
Gaining Advantage
Imperial Gift
Offered Gift
Ominous Revelation
The Shogun's Peace
The Turquoise Championship

Asako House Guard
Gunso Raiden
Hida Defenders
Home Guard

Blood of the Preserver
Koutetsu Kyuui

Flight of Doves
Hands of Stone
In Aikune's Name
Mark of Heaven's Favor
Mastering the Elements
Might of the Kami
The Mountain's Power
The Sky's Barrier
The Winds' Favor
Touch of Ice
Touch of the Infinite
Walking the Way
Wind of the Moon
Words of Consecration
Visions of Darkness

A Noble End
Accepting the Choice
Captured Convict
Defining the Essence
Desperate Rush
Dismissing the Cur
Fair Warning
Final Duty
Flame of Truth
Flash of Steel
Great Sacrifice
Outer Walls
Reckless Confrontation
Remember Your Ancestors
Reverence for Chikushudo
Selfless Politics
Social Grace
Sympathy for the Assaulted
The Empress' Address
The Fires of War
The Search for Enlightenment
Unimpeachable Name
Unstoppable Power
Wall of Honor
Wrist Lock

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