[Shadowlands] 2nd place TanukiFest/BOEYF

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[Shadowlands] 2nd place TanukiFest/BOEYF

Postby Hinomura » Wed May 04, 2016 7:59 am

Big Oni Eat Your Face. I'm a simple person.

1 The Maw's Grave
1 Kobi Sensei

# Dynasty (52)

# Celestial (1)

1 The Wrath of Kali-Ma

# Event (2)

1 Alter History
1 In Time of War

# Holding (26)

1 Ageless Shrine
1 Bamboo Harvesters - exp
1 Coastal Lane
1 Dark Oracle of Fire - exp2
1 Demented Craftsman
1 Expendable Resources
1 Forgotten Legacy
1 Incense Mill
1 Jungle Stockade
1 Luxurious Silk
1 Oracle of the Void - exp
1 Productive Mine
1 Prosperous Village
1 Recruitment Officer
1 Rich Coffers
1 Shinsei's Last Hope exp
1 Shrine to Fukurokujin
1 Spider Cultist
1 Stolen Merchandise
1 Temple of Destiny
1 The Feeding Hills
1 The Imperial Treasury
1 The Khan
1 Traveling Peddler
1 War Encampment
1 Wooden Barricade

# Personality (22)

1 Akaru no Oni
1 Akuma no Oni - exp2
1 Arugai no Oni
1 Daigotsu Hotako - exp3
1 Daku no Oni
1 Ekichu no Oni
1 Furu no Oni
1 Gakku - exp
1 Gozaru no Oni
1 Keppo - exp
1 Kyoso no Oni - exp3
1 Mumoku no Oni
1 Niiro no Oni
1 Pokku - exp
1 Raido no Oni
1 Sentei no Oni - exp
1 Shadow Dragon - exp2
1 The Quiet Death
1 Tsudo no Oni
1 Ugulu no Oni
1 Umi-Bozu
1 Utogu no Oni

# Region (1)

1 Plains of Otosan Uchi

# Fate (50)

# Follower (5)

1 Cavalry Escort
1 Legion of Pain
1 Reconnaissance Scouts
1 Undying Warriors
1 Wandering Budoka

# Item (6)

1 Armor of the Ryu
1 Black Pearl - exp
1 Blades of the Black Dragon
1 Chagatai's Armor
1 Gift Armor
1 The Egg of P'an Ku - exp

# Strategy (39)

1 A Brave New World
1 A Yojimbo's Duty
1 Accepting the Choice
1 Broken Alliance
1 Brute Force
1 Claw and Shell
1 Closing the Gap
1 Creating Order
1 Deep Roots
1 Doomed Intentions
1 Feign Death
1 Fight Another Day
1 Frenzied Charge
1 Hidden Defenses
1 Impossible Force
1 Inexorable Defeat
1 Justly Earned Victory
1 Kuon's Legacy
1 Oblivious
1 Only Actions Speak
1 Ordered Retreat
1 Power of Strength
1 Renewal
1 Resumed Hostilities
1 Retribution
1 Rout
1 Ruthless Advance
1 Scouting Far Afield
1 Searching for Answers
1 Serenity in Air
1 Sudden Movement
1 Sundering Strike
1 Superior Mobility
1 Surprising Resistance
1 The Tale of Tsukuro
1 Undetectable Enemy
1 Unpredictable Strategy
1 Unsettling Gathering
1 Victory Through Deference

Minor changes to the deck I went 4-1 with at GenCon (my only loss there was to John Tong's Foothold deck, and I dropped at the end of Swiss rather than face the three versions of that deck that made the cut...I like my games to be fun!).

At TanukiFest, I beat a Lion deck that was knocked up on the day to make up numbers (Brian had come along to support his friend, and graciously agreed to take part meaning we didn't have a bye), an excellent Crane Scout deck out of Shiro Daidoji/Akagi Sensei (Case Lopez, Uji's biggest fanboy, and I pretty much slapped every card we had on the table and went to war, and fortunately when the dust settled, only the Oni remained), and Unicorn Western Steppes in the last round of Swiss (the always amazing Jon Palmer, in a game where I did everything I could to punt it, making misplay after misplay, but the inherent strength of the deck was forgiving enough to push me through). I lost to Dragon Guard City played by Chris Medico - I saw my only real gold screw of the day when I was forced to bring out Niiro and the Dark Oracle of Fire on turn two, and could never recover from that. Chris is an incredible player and his deck is a refined work of art.

Cutting to a top four, I was paired against the undefeated Embassy of the Crane/Hakuseki deck played by David Winner. Dave's start was good and his gold flowed well. I forced out an Accidental Confession early after seeing The Khan meant I could threaten unoppposed with an Akaru, but despite good gold too on my part, I wasn't flipping anyone big - I'd had to discard Kyoso and Sentei early on to develop my economy. I made a slight misplay when I used Oblivious with Akaru and Keppo to try and kill Noritoshi exp3 - Dave had an unbowed Seat of Power and moved it over to Kensho-in exp. I then cursed when I realised Seat didn't destroy itself upon use. I had a bunch of unused gold, and dropped Chag's Armor on Keppo, Scrub Mascot Supreme. Dave decided to Adjudicate the dishonourable Akaru and bring out Kakita Katsuro, meaning I started my turn with a ton of gold but just Keppo in play.

I opened with Renewal on Kyoso, and she destroyed herself to take out Noritoshi - no Seat of Power, as it was a Trait. Wahay! I then use my box to bring Kyoso back into play for the turn, and split for two provinces. Dave only has one personality and defends against Kyoso. I resolve the Mighty Keppo first, and Dave Reinforces him into the opposed battle. I resolve an undefended province next, and Chag's Armor in, taking out Domotai in the face-down province. I Khan over Kyoso to the last undefended province and take. I bring out some dumb force.

Dave just has Naoharu face-up, and flips into a holding. He brings out Naoharu, going up to 32 honour. On my turn, I bring back Akaru from the dead and bow out Naoharu, then play the Black Pearl XP to buy Sentei, who immediately learns the Tale of Tsukuro. I split for two, eat an action from Katsuro, then Sundering him away.

In the final, I get to play Chris again, and get a decent start this time, meaning it's at least a game. I take three provinces but can't pull the trigger on Wrath as Chris always has the force to threaten, and he grinds me down with recursion, economy, and flawless play. There honestly couldn't be a more worthy winner.

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