[Crab/TST] Best Guys (1st SnM)

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[Crab/TST] Best Guys (1st SnM)

Postby kempy » Tue May 03, 2016 10:14 am

Deck by Milton Bonano. Winner of Sun and Moon Tomorrow's Prophets tourney.

The Seventh Tower

Alter History
Imperial Gift
In Time of War

Castle Walls
Castle Gate
Chugo Seido
Colonial Harbor
Counting House
Family Keep
Famous Bazaar
Forgotten Legacy
Front Gate
Iron Mine
Jade Works
Luxurious Silk
Nexus of Lies
Private Trader
Rich Coffers
Secluded Waystation
Staging Grounds
Supply Smugglers
The Imperial Treasury
The Khan
The Yasuki Peddler
Temples of Gisei Toshi
Temple of the Heavenly Crab
Traveling Peddler

Hida Akeno
Hida Daizu - exp
Hida Fubatsu - exp
Hida Fujiki
Hida Genichi
Hida Hachimoto
Hida Kozan, Voice of the Empress
Hida Kuon - exp6
Hida O-Ushi - inexp
Hida Otoya
Hida Rikyu - exp
Hida Sozen - exp2
Hida Tatsuma
Hida Yaheiko - exp
Hiruma Aki - exp
Hiruma Nitani - exp
Kaiu Onizuka
Kuni Daigo - exp
Kuni Shinoda - exp
Toritaka Chokichi - exp
Yasuki Tsujiken - exp
Yasuki Miliko - exp
Yasuki Jinn-Kuen - exp2

Tao of Fu Leng
Koutetsu Kabe
Ancient Armor of the Qamar - exp
Talisman of Meido
The Emerald Armor - exp2
Tsi Blade

Hired Legion
Reconnaissance Scouts
Village Guardian
Veteran Advisor
Wandering Budoka

A Game of Dice
A New Alliance
Brazen Disregard
Broken Alliance
Back to the Front
Brute Force
Courage in Death
Creating Order
Deathly Aura
Desperate Wager
Entrenched Position
Doomed Intentions
Hired Killer
Hummingbird Wings
Imperial Command
Kharmic Strike
Lookout Post
Ordered Retreat
Rapid Deployment
Settling the Homeless
Standing Fast
Sundering Strike
The Duty of the Crab
The Fires of War
The Heir's Wrath
Unbroken Blade Style
Unsettling Gathering
Way of the Crab
Victory Through Deference

Ring of Earth

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