[unicorn] battle cattle deck

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[unicorn] battle cattle deck

Postby otakumori » Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:59 pm

Looking for some feedback and help in making this deck overall better. I haven't had a chance to play it yet but it being the first modern deck I've built myself I figured I'd bring it to light for inspection.

Sh: plains of the maiden
Sensei: none


Personalities 25:
Ide kosaka
Moto chinua
Moto aikenro
Utaku remi
Utaku sakiko - exp
Utaku tama
Utaku toshie
Utaku yu-pan - exp2
Utaku keiko
Utaku kana
Utaku ji-yun
Utaku ji-yun - exp
Utaku jin-lao
Utaku hana
Utaku fujiko
Utaku fujiko - exp
Utaku eun-ju
Utaku chikako
Utaku chiasa
Utaku arisa
Utaku anhui
Moto paikao
Moto naleesh
Moto jin-sahn
Moto jin-sahn - exp

Events 2:
A new year
A great victory

Holdings 25:
Beautiful host
Clan estate
Cloth market
Coastal line
Distracted sentries
Famous bazaar
Farmers market
Forgotten outpost
Forgotten legacy
Hasty defenses
Heavy infantry dojo
Jade bazaar
Jade pearl inn
Merchant atoll
Productive mine
Prosperous village
Strategic keep
Supply smugglers
Temple of destiny
The blessed herd
The ide caravan
The khan

Fate: 50

Items 6:
Ancestral sword of the Ki-Rin
Ancestral armor of the unicorn clan - exp
Armor of uruwashii
Celestial mempo of the unicorn clan
Celestial sword of the unicorn clan - exp
Utaku's destiny

Followers 17:
Assault riders
Battle maiden troop
Battle maidens
East wind riders
Gunso kirita
Heavy cavalry
Jovial ronin
Junghar regulars
Legion of the Khan
Shinjo archers
Shiotome patrol
Shiotome troupe
The thundering death
Utaku elite guard
Utaku house guard
Yomanari archers

Strategy 27:
Arrival of the unicorns
Kamoko's charge
Ruby ascendance
Way of the unicorn
Discovering the shakuhachi of air
Strike at the tail
The compassion of the unicorn
Utaku lineage
Assess your foe
Casting aside honor
Sudden movement
Standing fast
Courage beyond question
Brazen disregard
Back to the front
Fall back
Victory through deference
Intimidate tactic
Unholy strike
Versatile army
A warriors courtesy
A warriors brutality
A desperate struggle
A champions tactics
A game of dice

Shinjo Arada
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Re: [unicorn] battle cattle deck

Postby Shinjo Arada » Wed Oct 21, 2015 4:53 am

What would be the main victory of the deck ?

Switch ?
Pure military ?

In any case, if you wish to play Battle Maidens as heavily as you do, you should remove some of the ones in your selection and replace them for far better choices.
Utaku Mai, Utaku Nayan, Utaku Kohana (and xp), Utaku Liu-Xeung (and xp) are simply better choices than Anhui, Paikao, Sakiko xp, Keiko or Jin-Sahn for instance.

On the holdings part, if you're going to run many non-unique Samurai personnalities, Colonial Dojo is a really good choice among your holdings as it means it'll produce 8+ on its own quite often in this deck so it's very good gold cost/gold production ratio.
I also think you're running too many holdings. Remove Coastal Lane and go back to 22 holdings, it's way enough.
Imperial Treasury is a non-negociable too, with Legacy holdings, Jade Pearl Inn and the gold split, it just gets very silly early in the game.

If you're going to gain some honor, City of the Rich Frog is also a wonderful Region that's usable Once Per Battle which is a big thing with Cavalry.

Your events selection is just bad. Samurai, Celestial and Emperor editions had a wide selection of truly powerful events. Depending on what you want to do with deck, a switch deck will use Yobanjin Alliance and Military Alliance nicely while a pure military deck will like meta events like In Time of War, The War of Dark Fire, Formal Apology, etc.. or strong tutor effect like Imperial Gift.

No Celestial ? They're powerful cards overall so I would suggest you take a look at them.

For the fate deck, you're missing what is making the Battle Maidens such military beasts. There are a lot of cards which are using either the Paragon or Battle Maiden keywords which are overly powerful like The Wind Never Stops, Cast Aside the Weak, Force of Spirit, A Paragon's Strength, Strengh of Paragons, Downhill Assault, The Perfect Moment and more.
Use them ! I'd lower the number of attachments for that.

Your selection of followers is also not so good when you can have the Moto Houseguard, Moto Riders, Moonless Riders, Cavalry Officer, Snow Riders, Khol Regulars or Mounted Support (to name a few of those I like).

On your items selection, I'd just point that The Blessed Mantle of the Greensnakes and Heavenly Kobine of Suitengu are missing and they're both powerful and cheap.

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Re: [unicorn] battle cattle deck

Postby kempy » Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:39 am

Following cards from your decklist are illegal in Modern (older than SE):

Battle maidens
Utaku House Guard

Arrival of the unicorns
Kamoko's Charge
Strike at the Tail
Utaku Lineage

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