[Lion/HoM] Story Of My Grandpa (1st SnM)

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[Lion/HoM] Story Of My Grandpa (1st SnM)

Postby kempy » Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:29 pm

Ver 1.1

Legality: Modern

Halls of Memory
Kagako Sensei

A New Wall
Imperial Gift
Coronation Festival
The Turquoise Championship

Hotei's Contentment

Chugo Seido
Copper Mine
Counting House
Expendable Resources
Family Library
Forgotten Legacy
House of the Fallen Blossom
Jade Pearl Inn
Luxurious Silk
My Father's Shrine
Oracle of the Void - exp
Prosperous Village
Secluded Waystation
Shrine to Hotei
Stolen Merchandise
Suana Dojo
Suikihime's Chambers
Temple of Destiny
Temple of Hotei
Temple to Shinsei
Traveling Peddler
Well-Tended Farm

Akodo Yuyama
Ikoma Aimi - exp
Kitsu Akai
Kitsu Watanabe
Kitsu Kagako
Kitsu Nariyumi
Kitsu Kanae
Kitsu Marimi
Kitsu Sorano - exp
Kitsu Kouki
Kitsu Fukui
Kitsu Ririko
Kitsu Katsuko
Kitsu Iwao
Kitsu Suki
Kitsu Miro
Kitsu Sorano
Kitsu Suzaki
Kitsu Miwa
Kitsu Tamasine
Kitsu Asato
Daigotsu Oki

A Game of Dice
A Good Death
A Forefather's Vengeance
A New Alliance
Ancestral Protection
Block Supply Lines
Costly Opportunity
Desperate Mediation
Discretionary Valor
Duty (Promotional–Twenty Festivals)
Flame of Truth
Flash of Steel
Great Sacrifice
Imperial Summons
Improper Papers
Mountains of the Phoenix
My Enemy's Mercy
Power of Innocence
Prayer for Guidance
Pure Intent
Reinforce the Gates
Reverence for Chikushudo
Rocky Terrain
Scandalous Gossip
Settling the Homeless
Shinjo's Courage
Skipping the Puddle
Stay Your Blade
Subversive Whispers
The Honor of the Lion
The Thriving Light
Thoughtless Sacrifice
Unimpeachable Name
Wall of Honor
Wrist Lock
Victory Through Deference
Wheels within Wheels

Official Sanction

Mark of Heaven's Favor
Sudden Guardian
Touch of Ice

Singh Remnants

Ring of Earth

Proxy Personality: Lion Ancestor
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Re: [Lion/HoM] Story Of My Grandpa

Postby kempy » Thu Feb 18, 2016 6:45 pm

Small modifications (updated post above) and deck gave me win in small SnM tourney. Scored 3-1, where last game was probably in my favor, but i lost connection and conceded.

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