Modern Scorpion Dishonor/Military Switch

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Modern Scorpion Dishonor/Military Switch

Postby Shosuro Kaite » Thu May 14, 2015 1:49 pm

Good afternoon everyone. I have decided to take up the Modern Highlander format that is sanctioned by AEG. I will continue to play Scorpion, and I was wondering if I could have some opinions and critiques? These are in no way complete lists, just thoughts to get me going and my brain churning. I have never build Highlander for L5R, so I'm new and would be grateful for some pointers.
I came across the rule of L5R Modern where you can have two Unique Personaoties of different Experience levels in your deck? I was under the impression this could already be done? It still applies that you can say, only have either Bayishi Nitoshi OR Bayushi Nitoshi, the Poison Mask in play, not both? Could I please get some clarification on that rule please as well as the "Soul Of" for Modern? This is just what I'm thinking of at the moment, and I am no doubt missing some of the bigger picture. I have trouble with the Fate Decks, so I'll work on that in the meantime and see where this thread leads.
Alright, these are my thoughts, I'll try to explain them as best as I can. I will look into any and all critiques. Thank you for your time!

Law of Darkness Dojo (That trait is amaing, hands down amazing. The Batte is also very versatile, especially with a second use via Nitoshi Exp 2.)

1x Ryoshun's Guidance (The Constant +1 Chi outside of a duel is fantastic! It makes my Magistrates' effects that trigger off of comparing their Chi far easier.)
1x Bayushi's Guidance Exp (The constant 1 Honor Loss to other players sells this to me, but not at the risk of popping Ryoshun's Guidance.)

1x Ignoble Demise (If this flips from my Provinces, it will destroy any target dishonorable personality. May take out, it all depends on timing when you pull off this event.)
1x In Time of War (Honor Gain is limited to a maximum of 5 per turn)
1x On (Honor Gain is limited to Honor +3 per phase. Security in case In Time of War doesn't show up.

1x Brilliant Cascade Inn (1 for 1, highly debatable. Den of Iniquity but worse.)
1x Den of Iniquity (2 for 2, debatable. I like the effect, but I forgo my Battle Phase. I may change on this one.)
1x Geisha House (2 for 3 since I'm a Scorpion.)
1x Nexus of Lies (4 for 4, possible chance of causing Honor Loss as a trait.)
1x Temple of Tengen (2 for 2, draw and discard effect by bowing it.)
1x The Merchant's District (3 for 2, I also get to draw a card if I have 4 or less in my hand and bow this Holding.)
1x Traveling Peddler (2 for 2, bow this and pay 3 gold to draw a card. Great for deck thinning.)

1x Bayushi Darisu (4/3 for 7, when Darisu hits the board I dishonor a target personality. Physically stronger Shosuro Ryoken.)
1x Bayushi Jutsushi Exp (3/5 for 9, as a Limited I can dishonor someone. As a battle, I can destroy a non-unique dishonorable personality)
1x Bayushi Kachiko Exp CoM (0/3 for 8, Deterrent, lowers everyone's force on my opponent's board or in their attacking army. As an Open I can Bow Kachiko to try and deter someone from attacking. If they do, they lose 2 honor.)
1x Bayushi Kahoku Exp 2 (4/5 for 9, 0HR. The 0 HR makes it so I can't run "Timers" like Suspicions. However, I can as a Limited dig through the top 3 of my deck and pull a Political Strategy, then reorganize the rest regardless of if I pulled one or not.)
1x Bayushi Nitoshi (8/5 beefcake for 13, fair. I can do one heck of a dishonor + honor loss during the limited. I also have a battle action to destroy a dishonored personality.)
1x Bayushi Nitoshi, The Poison Mask [Exp 2] (5/5 for 12 isn't too bad economically. However, his trait to allow you to use your Stronghold's ability twice a turn is fantastic! As a Political Battle/Engage, I dishonor someone and set up for the battle. Fantastic!)
1x Bayushi Paneki Exp 4 (7/5 + Tactician for 11. That trait...that trait is so amazing to me. That constant threat of Honor Loss. His Battle is Nitoshi's but better, since it can snipe an opposing Courtier in their home if they're dishonorable. I can destroy any dishonorable personality, or dishonor someone. Lots of versatility for an 11 Cost Personality.)
1x Shosuro Jimen Exp 2 (3/6 for 9, I can use an action and run away as a trait. As a Limited, I can Dishonor someone or make their player lose 2 honor.
1x Shosuro Ryoken (3/2 for 5, when he comes into play I outright dishonor a Personality. Has an added effect for when I got military.)
1x Soshi Komiko (4/3 for 7, as a Battle I can bow someone with less PH than my Chi, and dishonored personalities PH counts as 0, right?)
1x Soshi Yoshihara (2/5 for 8, as an Open I can make a target Holding/Personality unable to perform their abilities. I can bow as an open to Dishonor someone and lose an Honor since I'm Scorpion.)
1x Yogo Honami (2/4 for 7, I increase an honor loss by 1. I'm kind of on the fence about him.)
1x Yogo Kazunori (3/4 for 8. COURTIER. Limited I can target a dishonorable personality and make the player lose 2 honor. As a Battle, I can just negate my destruction, then CHOOSE to move home. If I moved home, I can dishonor someone. Doesn't say at the battlefield either.)

1x The Second City (All my Courtiers and Magistrates get +1 force. I can also flip more provinces and up a province's strength by 2 as an open.)

Just what I'm thinking Dynasty-side. I need help with resources and how I should plan out a highlander deck for L5R as it's a VERY different format. I'll work on the Fate today and I will be more than happy to show my work to anyone who would like to see it. Thank you for your time again!
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Re: Modern Scorpion Dishonor/Military Switch

Postby Sparks » Thu May 14, 2015 9:57 pm

Hello back at ya! So the couple of questions you have are in the Comprehensive Rules for Modern Format. I will break it down for ya:

Comprehensive Rules wrote:Cards with the same title but different Experienced levels (including non-experienced versions) count as different copies for deck construction.

So even if the card has the same title, but different experience levels, they can be included in the same deck. eg. Goju Yurishi and Goju Yorishi exp can be in the same deck together.

Comprehensive Rules wrote:Some Personalities count as being the same card for the purpose of deck building limits. Any card whose title and same Experience level (if any) is in another card's "Soul of X" keyword, as well as cards referred to in THAT card's "Soul of X" keyword, and so on.

The bottom line is this: If the personality has 'Soul of' in their text, then it counts the same as the other personality. So you can only have one or the other in the deck. Not both. eg. Bayushi Saya and Bayushi Shizuka are considered the same personality and you can only have one or the other in a deck.

Hope that helps! :D
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