No one suspects the Spanish Inquisition!

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No one suspects the Spanish Inquisition!

Postby B-Rad » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:41 pm

So my second Modern tourney is toast and again I had a blast. In looking to find new and broken decks (and having played them all of EE) I threw together Phoenix Inquisitors. It's fast, real fast. I finished 2-2 with both loses due to incredibly bad starts. One against Greg Wong where I more or less saw all my gold (there were four holdings left in my deck when the game ended) and the other to Jessie Anderson due to seeing no gold early and he seeing three turns of gold as Mantis running the Port Scheme.

The games I won though were pretty lopsided, and I was surprised at how fast the deck can just rocket up. With cards such as Wrath of the Kami and Touch of Ice, the fateside churns me out a LOT of repeatable big honor gains. The dynasty deck is pretty standard, and I do like the flow of it, minus a few things that I'll get into below.

1 Temple of Purity

My second favorite Phoenix stronghold behind the original Sacred Temples of the Isawa (who doesn't like second turn Shadowlandsy Void Dragons?). Yes I know it's busted, and was all aboard the ban train of it throughout most of the arc, even though I played the heck out of it. Really unnegatable -4 force with built in honor gain eventually is too stellar not to use.

White Cards:

1 Blessings Of The Shi-tien Yen-wang
1 Jurojin's Blessing
1 Shiba's Guidance
1 Emma-o's Guidance
1 Favor Of The Jade Champion
1 Test Of The Jade Champion
1 Boastful Proclamation
1 Changing The Game
1 Imperial Gift

My deck tends to blow itself up a lot. I run multiple cards that nuke my own guys for rather preferable effects, especially late game. With that said, the amount of kill in the format is insane, and Shiba's and Emma-o's Guidances allowing me to get back key people that my opponent blows up. In Shiba's case for free as an open action. The only real card I'd cut from here is Blessings, and maybe replace it with Benten's just for the extra honor (god bless bad Ivory rules).

Grey Cards:

1 Hero's Memorial
1 Temple Fortress
1 Temple Of Hotei
1 Well-tended Farm
1 Carpenter Shrine
1 Hidden Entrance
1 Kitsune Den
1 Shrine To Hotei
1 House Of The Fallen Blossom
1 Belly Of Fudo
1 Famous Bazaar
1 Minting House
1 Private Trader
1 Rich Coffers
1 Secluded Waystation
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Bamboo Harvesters Experienced
1 The Imperial Treasury
1 Jade Pearl Inn
1 Bookkeeper

Standard fair. Deck gains lots of honor, and having Coffers and Belly of Fudo on my opponent's turn to attach useful spells is nice. I find it funny that in all my modern decks that aren't my Mantis ones, I don't run clan holdings.
Kitsune Den wasn't used at all in the tourney, as I've so far only seen one dishonor deck that wasn't mine. Well-tended is meh, and will probably get tossed for Silver Mine. Carpenter Shrine is the other one, and I may dump it for Temple of Shinsei (or whatever the bow a shuggy to gain 2 one is).

Orange Cards:

1 Asako Juro Experienced
1 Asako Keiki
1 Isawa Miniko
1 Imaishi
1 Houhou
1 Agasha Asai
1 Asako Ayako
1 Asako Izuna
1 Asako Misako
1 Shiba Ningen Experienced 3
1 Asako Izuna Experienced
1 Asako Megu
1 Asako Tsunefusa
1 Isawa Amihiko
1 Isawa Kaisei
1 Asako Jirou
1 Isawa Mitsuko Experienced
1 Agasha Kodo
1 Seppun Ritisharu

In hindsight Minting House and Ritisharu were overkill. One will be getting tossed. Izuna xp is a beast if you can get her out. Houhou + Hidden Entrance = Profit all damned day. Other than that, standard fair really.

Fate Side:

Grey Cards

1 Chrysanthemum Blossom
1 Koutetsu Kyuui
1 Celestial Sword Of The Phoenix Experienced
1 Heart Of Fudo Experienced 2
1 The Sacred Rosary Of The Constrictors
1 Blood of the Preserver

Were you guys expecting Obsidian Hand? Koutetsu is scary good if it can stay in play. Chrys Blossom was just a toss in. Sword lets me get my blown up guys back again.


1 Ring Of The Phoenix
1 Ring Of Air
1 Ring Of Earth

Ring of the Phoenix has yet to see play, but when it does... Oh when it does...

Blue Cards

1 Funeral Rites
1 Seeking The Way
1 Defining The Essence
1 The Winds' Favor
1 Touch Of Ice
1 Might Of The Kami
1 Winds Of Dismissal
1 Words Of Consecration
1 Consecration
1 Seek the Stain
1 Blessings of the Sky

Look at all that honor gain. Yes there's no real boomy spells in here, but that's not the deck's idea. The only one I can see dropping is Consecration and slotting in Strength of the Fifth Ring due to all my 4 chi guys. Winds of Dismissal was only put in there for honor meta, and it actually won me a game oddly enough.

Red Cards

1 Forging Destiny
1 Forewarning
1 Defining Essence
1 Desperate Mediation
1 Dispensing Justice
1 Duel Of Haiku
1 Great Sacrifice
1 Ingenuity
1 Kitsuki Judgment
1 The Heir's Wrath
1 Thoughtless Sacrifice
1 Unimpeachable Name
1 Wall Of Honor
1 Draw Attention
1 Hamstrung
1 Hold Them Off
1 Honor The Ancestors
1 Honor's Hope
1 Outmatched
1 Power Of Innocence
1 Rain Of Justice
1 Test Of Sincerity
1 Wrist Lock
1 Reverence For Chikushudo
1 A Noble End
1 Dance Of The Winds
1 Flame Of Truth
1 Hitsu-do
1 Inspire Excellence
1 Subversive Whispers
1 A Game Of Dice

Being able to Kitsuki Judgement someone three times never gets old. As you can see the deck blows itself a lot as I said. Rain of Justice is coming up due to all the high force in the format most likely to be replaced with Sundering Strike or Rout. Probably Rout...

The deck is good, and can really give people bad days. My wins were convincing, and my losses were due to bad flips versus good flips so they weren't close at all. I'm curious to see what more tinkering to this could yield.

Thoughts are always welcome

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