Lion - Tacticians and Terrains

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Lion - Tacticians and Terrains

Postby Palmer » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:58 pm

Seemed like a fun mix for a deck. Lion's not my forte but the cards come together pretty well. A few questionable ones noted. Enough terrains to get the cycle running but they shouldn't overload you.

The Marshalling Fields
Satoru Sensei - meh? Not sure if the 1PS is better than this sometimes ability

Akodo's Guidance

Harbingers of War

Colonial Farm
Copper Mine
Dockside Market
Family Dojo
Famous Bazaar
Fudoist Temple
Jade Pearl Inn
Large Farm
Lion Advisor
Remote Village
Secluded Waystation
Stolen Merchandise
Suana Dojo
Supply Outpost
Supply Smugglers
The Quartermaster's Depot
Traveling Market
Traveling Peddler
Versatile Farm - Deck thinning, and simply grabbing a Colonial Farm is usually a good call
Voice of Experience

Akodo Hachigoro
Akodo Hiroshi
Akodo Itoku - only two Bushido actions in the deck. Him or Ikoma Shizuka in this slot, probably.
Akodo Kobi
Akodo Kurogane
Akodo Michitsu
Akodo Ryozo
Akodo Seiichi xp
Akodo Senichi
Akodo Senzo
Akodo Shigetoshi xp
Akodo Shunori xp
Akodo Tomio - I hate big unit decks
Akodo Tsudoken
Ikoma Satoru
Ikoma Satoru xp
Ikoma Shuji
Ikoma Uchito
Ikoma Yamahatsu
Ikoma Yasuko xp
Matsu Aoiko xp
Matsu Benika
Matsu Kasei
Matsu Robun
Matsu Robun xp
Matsu Youko

City of the Rich Frog
Hitsu Taeruko

Followers (14) - the idea here was cheap, with abilities and/or card draw and/or the ability to be destroyed multiple times

Brothers in Arms
Brothers in Arms xp
Clearing Crew
Colonial Conscripts
Dark Naga Scouts
Frontier Farmer
Gunso Hiroshi
Reconnaissance Scouts
Serene Brother
Sparrow Clan Aide
Untested Scouts
Village Guardian
Wandering Budoka
Victorious Wave Men

Rings (2)

Ring of Air
Ring of Earth

Terrains (11)

Choose Your Fight T
Hard Pressed T
Heart of Darkness T
Heart of Rokugan T
Snow-Swept Summit T
Thick Marsh T
Three-Stone River T
Training Maneuvers T
Unfamiliar Ground T
Vital Pathways T
Wide Valley T

Tactician (5)

Death of the Winds
Tactical Assault
The Sun Returns
Superior Strategist

Various and Sundry (21)

A New Perspective
Claw and Shell
Closing the Gap
Creating Order
Doomed Intentions
Few Against Many
Flanking Action
Ordered Retreat
My Life is Yours
Peasant Revolt
Settling the Homeless
Shuten Doji's Fury
Stay Your Blade
Sundering Strike
Surprising Resistance
Ultimate Sacrifice

Obviously because math, 3 cards have to be cut. I think you can run with 10 terrains, and maybe Tactical Assault can go (tho it's a kill action). You could pull the two Bushido actions (Civility and My Life is Yours) if you made the switch with Itoku/Shizuka

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Re: Lion - Tacticians and Terrains

Postby kempy » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:34 am

Palmer wrote:Peasant Revolt

Peasant Vengeance?

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Re: Lion - Tacticians and Terrains

Postby Palmer » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:47 pm

I like mine better, but yes.

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