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The 1%

Postby B-Rad » Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:48 pm

So first off, as one of the playtesters of this format I want to thank everyone involved in the creation and maturation of it (except Sparks, because nobody likes him <3). It's been a gas to see it grow in popularity so fast, so much so that it actually outdrew the Arc and Strict tournies that were run last if I remember correctly.

My first deck I made seemed simple. Unicorn throughout the ages have always been relatively to pants crappingly strong, and their uniques tended to be above the curve versus most of the other clans. So I figured, why not throw a bunch of unique decks into a broken stronghold and see what happens? Well from the results of the first Modern tourney the deck seemed to work real well. In hindsight there'd be some changes made, which I'll discuss below but on the whole I'm real proud with how this deck ran. I wasn't able to finish my games with Stephen in top cuts due to a slightly important thing known as my honeymoon, so I don't really know how far it would've gone in the end.

In playing various deck types the one thing I've noticed is that it simply rolls over to dueling. It's literally the one bad matchup this deck has. Against honor/dishonor, my HOLY CRAP GIGANTO units that all have various kill actions tend to annihilate pesky courtiers/shugenja. Against standard non Crab military, again HOLY CRAP GIGANTO units that all have kill actions based on force tend to give me the edge. Crab military is a little trickier, as they all tend to have higher base force than my guys. With that being said, Crab decks (that I've seen) are straight forward I'm going to beat your face in if you ever go opposed. So the solution is pretty simply, just go around them. The deck can certainly play the standard never be opposed to the final battle military game that current BNW on a stick cavalry can play. But unlike standard Unicorn, the deck can actually hold it's own while opposed without burning through it's fate hand like crazy.

At any rate, without further adieu, the deck.

1 Journey's End Keep

Thoughts: In looking at all the available strongholds for military, this one just seemed the most appealing. While yes send home is arguable the second weakest battle action next to bowing, it's still non negatable/delayable send home that usually has an easy requirement to meet.

White Cards:
1 Ryoshun's Guidance
1 Benten's Blessing
1 Jurojin's Blessing
1 Glory Of The Shogun
1 Alter History
1 Dark Audience
1 Imperial Gift

Thoughts: Pretty standard military suite there. Lots of redirect, a bit of meta, and attachment fetch.

Grey cards:
1 Ageless Shrine
1 Traveling Market
1 Bamboo Harvesters Experienced
1 Chugo Seido
1 Colonial Harbor
1 Family Library
1 Jade Pearl Inn
1 Prosperous Village
1 Voice Of Experience
1 Stables
1 Staging Grounds
1 The Imperial Treasury
1 Clan Estate
1 Rich Coffers
1 The Blessed Herd
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Seat Of Power
1 Secluded Waystation
1 Shrine To Fukurokujin
1 Cloth Market
1 Bookkeeper
1 Suikihime's Chambers

Thoughts: Economy is key in L5R, especially in Modern. One of the perks that Unicorn has since the advent of gold pooling is their economy is stupid good, allowing you to run high cost holdings such as Blessed Herd, Colonial Harbor (which really should be in 95% of Modern decks anyway), and Prosperous Village (which gets cheaper anyway). Rich Coffers and Secluded Waystation tend to be staples in every deck with good reason, and Suikihime's Chambers combos nicely with Ritisharu. [/i]

The 1%:
1 Akasha Experienced 2
1 Moto Chagatai Experienced 4
1 Moto Chagatai Experienced 5
1 Moto Chen Experienced 2
1 Shinjo Shono Experienced 4
1 Shinjo Turong Experienced
1 Shinjo Xushen Experienced
1 Moto Chen Experienced 3
1 Moto Jin-sahn Experienced
1 Moto Xiao Experienced
1 Daigotsu Hotako Experienced 3
1 Shinjo Ki-chang Experienced
1 Shinjo Kodama
1 Iuchi Karasu Inexperienced
1 Moto Naleesh
1 Moto Taigo
1 Shinjo Min-hee
1 Shinjo Tselu Experienced
1 Ide Hinobu
1 Iuchi Wattu
1 Seppun Ritisharu

Thoughts: Look at all them uniques. Ide Jazz Hands not withstanding the idea is pretty straightforward. My guys are better than your guys. Naleesh is the real beast of the deck, being able to Creating Order herself every turn. Chen is also a pain in the behind against honor/dishonor decks, which makes him pretty stellar as well.

Ritisharu and Hotako should really be in any deck that can feesbily run them. Ritisharu's economic acceleration, especially with 645s and 545s running around is godly. Hotako is just Hotako and not much more can be said. She can single handedly win games (and did so for me in the last game before top cuts during the Modern tourney).

Everyone thought Chags would be busted, and while he is good the thing I've noticed is that with so much movement thanks to CE and EE, his ability isn't really as ludicrous as I'm sure it was in Samurai Edition. Also once Chags gets to a battle, if the opponent has a way to defend, Chags has no inherit battle actions to deal with said opposition, thus you are expending resources from your hand. Having said that, I"d argue that close attention has to be payed to Shinjo Shono. Being able to super cavalry early game both offensive and defensively is pretty incredible, and one game I pulled off taking three unopposed provinces with just him and Chags on the table.


1 Scourge Of The Sea
1 Champion Of Thunder
1 Elephant Cavalry
1 Elite Sentry
1 Koan's Staff
1 Blade Of Champions
1 Celestial Sword Of The Unicorn Experienced
1 The Blessed Mantle Of The Greensnakes
1 The Emerald Armor Experienced 2
1 Celestial Mempo Of The Unicorn Clan
1 Chagatai's Armor
1 Hand Of The Obsidian Dragon
1 Yagimaki's Fist
1 Koutetsu Chikara
1 Wyrmbone Katana
1 Cursed Relic

Thoughts: Standard suite of shiny toys. Lots of kill. Lots and lots of kill. Also a splash of send home just in case.

A few interesting notes: Scourge of the Sea can be pretty stellar on the right person (*cough* Naleesh *cough cough*). Horses on boats isn't anything to sneeze at, and a 5 force follower for 9 gold? I'll buy that one for a dollar.

Elite Sentry is amazing, and with cavalry not being cavalry anymore (and with Shono in the deck) it honestly doesn't matter who you slap it on. 6 force elite with Creating Order and kill on it? Suuuuuure.

Elephant Cav is coming out for something. I thought there'd be a lot more range attacky decks now that City of Tears and Koshin Keep were back in the environment, but I was wrong. It will most likely be replaced by Modifications.

1 Ring Of Air
1 Ring Of Earth

Not really much to say here.

Red Cards:
1 Crosswinds Cut Style
1 Kamoko's Avatar
1 Shinjo's Courage
1 The Compassion Of The Unicorn
1 Cavalry Tactics
1 Blunting The Charge
1 Overwhelming Speed
1 Suicidal Charge
1 The Moto Feint
1 Imperial Command
1 A Game Of Dice
1 Creating Order
1 Fruitless Search
1 Hope Against Hope
1 Perfect Aim
1 Ultimate Sacrifice
1 Peace
1 The Heir's Wrath
1 Sneak Attack
1 Deathly Aura
1 Wrath
1 Knowledge
1 A Yojimbo's Duty
1 Broken Alliance
1 Caught Unawares
1 Deliberations
1 Gold And Steel
1 Hired Killer
1 Rout
1 Sundering Strike
1 Inspired Leadership
1 Victory Through Deference

Thoughts: This was actually a surprisingly decent fate deck given the fact I just threw it together. Kamoko's Avatar is coming out, I just never found the gold to play it. Shinjo's Courage is another one that's biting the dust. I'll probably put in Know no Fear (cause I'm a dummy and forgot about it) and Improper Papers, just to stop silly cards such as Doomed Intentions.

So there you have it folks, my first kick at the can at a Modern deck. Thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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