Gotta Catch 'em All!

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Gotta Catch 'em All!

Postby Palmer » Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:19 pm

Kyuden Kitsune xp
Ohsuki Sensei

Hotei's Contentment

Boastful Proclamation
Imperial Gift

Buried Treasures
Contemplative Shrine
Counting House
Family Library
Jade Pearl Inn
Kabuki Theater Troupe
Kobune Port
My Father's Shrine
Shrine to Yoritomo
Stolen Merchandise
Suikihime's Chambers
Supply Smugglers
Suana Dojo
Temple of Hotei
Temple of Serenity
Temple to Shinsei
Temples of Gisei Toshi
Traveling Peddler
Voice of Experience
Well-Tended Farm

Overgrown Grove

Kitsune Beiko
Kitsune Denhei
Kitsune Gina
Kitsune Gorikki
Kitsune Haruki
Kitsune Hisano xp
Kitsune Kichi
Kitsune Kohaki
Kitsune Merihiko
Kitsune Merihiko xp
Kitsune Nakumi
Kitsune Ohsuki
Kitsune Parumba
Kitsune Ryukan xp
Kitsune Satoko
Kitsune Tokoru
Kitsune Yamazaru
Kitsune Yoshioka
Kitsune Yuko
Kitsune Yuribara
Moshi Sayoko xp
Thunder Dragon xp2
Tsuruchi Kimita
Yoritomo Harumi

There's probably a couple of Moshi who are better than Tsuruchi and Kimita, but that's what was available.

Celestial Sword of the Mantis Clan xp
The Isha's Yumi

Ring of Earth

Beseech Sakaku
Breath of the Dragon
Consumed by Five Fires
Flame Lash
Gates of Chikushudo
In Aikune's Name
Incite the Phantoms
Inescapable Snare
Mastering the Elements
Might of the Kami
Obscured Pathways
Rage of the Spirits
Seeking the Way
The Earth's Hunger
The Mountain's Power
The Unmaking
Touch of Ice
Touch of the Infinite

A Game of Dice
Bar Fight
Block Supply Lines
Delayed Conflict
Desperate Mediation
Final Duty
Flash of Steel
Flooded Pass
Fury of a Mob
Great Sacrifice
Heart of Darkness
Outer Walls
Reverence for Chikushudo
Rocky Terrain
Settling the Homeless
Siege Volley
Soul's Sacrifice
Sundering Strike
Surprise Attack
Thoughtless Sacrifice
Unfamiliar Ground
Unimpeachable Name
Wall of Honor
Wrist Lock

I need one more card at the moment because I pulled one... thinking either Mempo of the Amethyst Champion or Claw and Shell (honestly, the latter should be in here anyway).

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