Modern Format Comprehensive Rules

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Modern Format Comprehensive Rules

Postby Sparks » Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:14 pm

Rules for playing Modern are the same as those established by AEG for 20 Festivals, with the following changes:

Deck Construction
Ignore the Deck Construction Rules. They are replaced by the following three rules:

1. Both the Dynasty and Fate decks must be exactly 50 cards each!
There are some exceptions to this rule:
  • Cards that do not count towards your minimum deck size (e.g. Stone of Remembrance) will result in your Dynasty and/or Fate deck being greater than 50 cards.
  • Cards that increase or decrease your minimum deck size (e.g. Coastal Lane or Hato-gurama) will result in your Dynasty and/or Fate deck being more or less than 50 cards.
2. This is a "Highlander" format!
Only 1 copy per card is allowed:
  • Cards with the same title but different Experienced levels (including non-experienced versions) count as different copies for deck construction.
  • Some Personalities count as being the same card for the purpose of deck building limits. Any card whose title and same Experience level (if any) is in another card's "Soul of X" keyword, as well as cards referred to in THAT card's "Soul of X" keyword, and so on.
There are some cards that state in their card text that you may run additional copies in your deck (e.g. Shout Of Defiance). Normally, the cardinal rule allows for a card's text to override game rules. In these cases, the Modern Format Rules override the card text, and you are still restricted to running only 1 copy of each card.

3. Proxies are allowed!
Proxy Quality:
  • The proxy must be a photocopy or printout of the most recent printing of the card or a printout containing all of a card's most recent stats and game text as defined by the Oracle of the Void.
  • Proxies containing card images must be of the card's most recent printing.
  • The proxy must be sleeved in a manner that it becomes indistinguishable from the rest of your deck.
  • A proxy must be readable and at least 2/3 the size of a card.
  • Stone Of Remembrance may not be proxied.
  • For casual play any number of proxies may be used.
Proxies in Tournaments:
  • Tournament Organizer (TO) may allow up to 20 proxies.
  • Each player will be required to have a Proxy List that contains the full name and experience level of all proxied cards in alphabetical order.
  • At the begining of the game the Proxy List is exchanged (face down). Whenever a Proxy is played the Proxy List may be consulted to validate if the Proxy is on the list. At the end of the game, each player gets their list back.
  • A player who finds that a Proxy, which is currently played, is not on the list, may either allow the opponent to correct the error or may win the game.

Amendments to the Rules

Additional Dynasty Card Type - Celestial
Celestials are a card type with graphics of clouds in their frame. They represent the influence of powerful supernatural beings in Rokugan. They have no stats.
If any Celestial cards are revealed in a player's Province at any time, after any triggers to the card(s) being revealed take place, the player follows this sequence for any Celestials still in the Province:
  • The Celestial cards enter a specially created entering-play area.
  • Any restrictions on their entering play are checked. If these conditions are not met for any of these Celestial cards, they return to the Province they came from. If these conditions are not met for all of them, the next two steps are skipped.
  • The player discards any Celestials he or she controls.
  • The Celestial cards enter play from the entering-play area.
  • The entering-play area ceases to exist.
Additional Dynasty Card Type - Region
Region cards have a light brown background, and represent geographical areas that define a player's Provinces.
Region cards have no stats.
After you reveal cards in your Provinces at the start of your turn, if any Region card is in a province, after any triggers to the card(s) being revealed take place, the player follows this sequence for each of the Regions in the Provinces:
  • The player discards the Region if there is already a region attached to the Province and the next 3 steps are skipped.
  • The Region card enters a specially created entering-play area.
  • If the Region has a cost and Region's player can't or doesn't want to pay its costs, the Region is discarded and the next step is skipped.
  • The Region card attaches to the Province like a Fortification from the entering-play area.
  • The entering-play area ceases to exist.
Additional Attachment - Ancestors
Ancestors represent the spirits of long-gone personalities returned from the grave to assist your Clan. An Ancestor card is an attachment with the following stats: Force Modifier; Chi Modifier; Gold Cost; Focus Value.
  • An Ancestor that has a Clan Alignment will only attach to a Personality with that same Clan Alignment, and if its Personality ever loses that Clan Alignment keyword, destroy it.
  • Ancestors have the requirement to enter play, "Bow the Personality to whom this card is attaching to attach it."
  • Ancestors will not be transferred.
Additional Keywords
  • Brash - After each time one or more cards with the Brash keyword are assigned to attack, the Defender may draw one card for each Brash card that was assigned. The Defender may see each card in this sequence before choosing to draw the next.
  • Elite - A card with the Elite keyword contributes Force to armies even if it is bowed.
  • Overconfident - After each time a card with the Overconfident keyword enters play, each player other than its controller, starting to the controller's left, may draw a card. After each time a card with the Overconfident keyword leaves play, each player other than its owner, starting to the owner's left, may draw a card. If multiple Overconfident cards enter or leave play at the same time, multiple cards may be drawn. Each player may draw each card before choosing to draw the others.
  • Remote - An ability with the Remote keyword may be used during battle even if the card is at home or at another battlefield.
  • Singular - A card with the Singular keyword can not enter play or become controlled by a player if that player already controls a Singular card with the same title. If the Singular card is in a unit that would change control to a player who already controls a Singular card with that title, the entire unit fails to change control.
  • Stalwart - While a Personality has Stalwart, negate his first bowing each turn from effects of other players’ cards. If a non-Stalwart Personality gains Stalwart, the “first bowing” is counted from after the point when he gained the keyword.
Additional Player Abilities
  • Seppuku - Repeatable Open: Target a dishonorable Courtier, Samurai, or Shugenja Personality you control. Rehonor then destroy the personality. This will not be negated.
  • Ancestral Guidance - Repeatable Reaction: After one of your Personalities enters play, Equip a target Ancestor from your hand to him.
Additional Designator - Reaction
Reactions are a special kind of action that are like a cross between an Interrupt action and a triggered trait.
Like an Interrupt action, they are optional, once per turn by default, and taken at certain times in their own round of active player having the first option.
Like a triggered trait, they are announced and taken (and can ONLY be taken) when a certain trigger occurs (usually listed first after their colon and formatted like a trait's trigger), they may only be taken once per instance of the trigger even if Repeatable, and they are NOT subject to the Rules of Presence and Location.

Movement Abilities before Ivory
All movement abilities on personalities gain the following sentence: "This action has Absent and Remote if it targets this personality."
All other movement abilities are considered to be Absent and Remote.

Prior to Ivory Edition, certain actions were considered "performed" by Personalities, Ancestors or Followers.
An action is considered "performed" by a Personality if:
  • the action is on a Spell that the Personality is casting
  • the action is on an Item attached to the Personality
  • the action is on the card itself
  • the action explicitly states that the card is chosen/targeted as performing it/its performer.
  • A personality or follower performs any action during which they are targeted "between the colons" and the targeted personality is controlled by you. (for example, old cards had a template such as: Designator:constraints:effect; if the targeting occurs in that "constraints" section, the action is performed by the target)
The last three points above also apply to determining if a Follower or Ancestor is performing an action.

Blood Money
Amend the second paragraph of this entry to read, "A player cannot bring a Personality into play with Honor Requirement higher than his or her current Family Honor unless the personality is aligned to his clan and he pays 2 more Gold during recruitment."

Amend the final sentence of this entry to read, "Events in Provinces are discarded once an ability on them is used or a triggered trait on them resolves, unless the ability or trait puts the Event itself into play."

Going Second Legacy
Add the following sentences to Section B: "A stronghold with only one side uses this side in both cases. The second player may search their deck for one Legacy Holding and put it bowed into play ignoring all costs. This Holding will not straighten until the player's third turn begins."

Straighten, Event and End Phase
Amend the first paragraph of this entry to read, "At the start of the Action Phase, the active player straightens all his or her bowed cards. This part of the Action Phase is considered the Straighten Phase for card effects.
Then, in any order, the active player turns all face-down cards in his or her Provinces face-up. This part of the Action Phase is considered the Event Phase for card effects. "
Add the following sentence to this entry: "This part of the Dynasty Phase is considered the End Phase for card effects."

Add the following sentences to this entry: "Each Tactician can only perform one Tactical action per turn. The rulebook Tactical Advantage ability is a Tactical ability."

Card Legality
All cards with one or more of the following bugs are legal in Modern: Samurai, Celestial, Emperor, Ivory, Twenty Festivals, Onyx.

The sets that are legal are:
  • Khan's Defiance
  • Tomorrow
  • The Truest Test
  • Samurai Edition
  • Stronger than Steel
  • Test of the Emerald and Jade Championships
  • Honor's Veil
  • Words and Deeds
  • The Heaven's Will
  • Glory of the Empire
  • The Imperial Gift 1
  • Death at Koten
  • Celestial Edition
  • The Imperial Gift 2
  • Path of the Destroyer
  • The Harbinger
  • The Plague War
  • The Imperial Gift 3
  • Battle of Kyuden Tonbo
  • Empire at War
  • The Dead of Winter
  • Before the Dawn
  • Forgotten Legacy
  • Second City
  • Emperor Edition
  • Embers of War
  • The Shadow's Embrace
  • Seeds of Decay
  • Honor and Treachery
  • Emperor Edition Gempukku
  • Torn Asunder
  • Coils of Madness
  • Gates of Chaos
  • Aftermath
  • Ivory Edition
  • A Matter of Honor
  • Ivory Edition
  • The Coming Storm
  • A Line in the Sand
  • The New Order
  • Twenty Festivals
  • Thunderous Acclaim
  • Evil Portants

As of August 16, 2015, the following cards are banned:
  • Bamboo Harvesters
  • Bamboo Harvesters - Experienced 2
  • Border Keep - Inexperienced
  • Border Keep
  • Border Keep - Experienced 2
  • Keigo Sensei
  • The Inevitable Grasp of Conquest
  • Yasuki Palaces - Experienced
  • Foothold of the Mad

This is a living ban list. Updates to ban list will be made here.
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Re: Modern Format Comprehensive Rules

Postby Sparks » Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:13 am

Updated the CR to incorporate the 20f Legacy Rule to be effective once 20f is legal. This is to help players prepare for any Modern tournament post 20f.
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Re: Modern Format Comprehensive Rules

Postby Sparks » Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:47 pm

Per this ruling, cards that enter play pre Ivory, do so in your home. Oracle will be updated with this, but in the meantime, we will use this ruling.
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Re: Modern Format Comprehensive Rules

Postby Sparks » Thu Apr 02, 2015 7:02 pm

Updated the Modern Comprehensive Rules to be more inclusive as to not have to rely on multiple formats in order to track down all the rules.
Very special thanks to Yandia for coming up with the formatting.

Koan's Jingasa and Koan's Robes have been lifted from the ban list. Enjoy! :D
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Re: Modern Format Comprehensive Rules

Postby Sparks » Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:18 pm

Updated to include missing phases.

Thanks again to Yandia!!
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Re: Modern Format Comprehensive Rules

Postby Sparks » Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:17 pm

Updated to include the banning of Foothold of the Mad.

After extensive testing and the most recent Gencon performance, it was found that the stronghold is easily a turn and a half too fast for the environment. We tried every option in order to not ban the stronghold, but when all was said and done, the only option was the banning.

First and foremost, I want the Modern environment to be fun. It was said to me be many people that they really enjoyed the Modern tournament at Gencon... until they played against the Foothold deck. Even if the deck wasn't as deforming to the environment as it is, it is still not a fun deck to play against. There is no way to stop the acceleration that the deck provides and it is extremely consistent at doing so.

It is with great regret that the banning is needed, but in order for the Modern environment to thrive, we believe it is needed.

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