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The Rules of this Board are as follows. if you don't follow them, you will be warned/banned.

First Rule: Don't be a dick.

Second Rule: Respect moderator directives.

Third Rule: Respect other posters.

Fourth Rule: Post in the appropriate forum.

Fifth Rule: Do not break copyright law. Do not break IP law. Don't post links to pirated material or material that breaks AEG street dates.

Sixth Rule: No pornography, no pictures that are not safe for work.

Seventh Rule: Trading and selling only in the Trading Forum.

Eighth Rule: You are not your post count. Do not discuss it.

Ninth Rule: We are arbitrary jerks so we might make something up if you're acting dickish.

Tenth Rule: When critiquing or discussing AEG actions or CCG and RPG design, users will refrain from assessing the motives and intent of AEG and the design team and speak to specific issues with the actions or design instead.

Eleventh Rule: Do not use red text, it is for moderators and admins only.

If you have any questions, please send pms to the administrators: Sparks, KFDE, or BeastEG
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