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Hi - Cześć

Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:02 pm
by JNQ

I'm Marcin 'JNQ' Janoszek and I'm from Poland.

I'm started to play "open" format around Diamon/Lotus, by crap cards from Walec and his Gliwice crew.
Tournament playing I'm started by Lotus (Unix) and after Samurai I skipped on Scorpion, and it was right choice for me :)

You can know me from Bayushi Aggushi & Bayushi Janqu card from L5R - European Championships 2013 - Honor Contest (Costume)

Especially I'm plaing on Polish scene + Czech KOTEIS.

My laocal Playgroup started to play Moder this year (wa all know why), and good idea is to promote is more :)

I'ts nice to be here with you guys :)